Matarranz cares about the ecological certification of its products and contributes to a more sustainable and friendly world.

Vicuña: The height of elegance The legend made reality

This is the highest-quality natural wool, second to none. Vicuña is only available for the most prestigious and illustrious luxury French and Italian firms, it has always been available from Matarranz. Our 100 Vicuña products boast a number of unique certifications for each item, whether for blankets,shawls, or scarves. The vicuña is a small wild animal from the South American Andes, it has the finest wool in the world and its acquirement is only allowed every two years under very strict conditions. It is, undoubtedly, the jewel of the Andes.

Plaid Cashmere: A highly-successful unique softness

Sofa or travel blankets made with the finest cashmere wool, a fibre which has a complete softness and special shine. This blanket is unique and boasts a Made in Europe guarantee for all of its production and tailoring processes. Perfect for plane trips, Plaid Cashmere distinguishes owners by providing a great deal of elegance and tastefulness. It is also available for men’s scarves and ladies’ shawls.

Camargue: Quality of the Emperor

Camargue is an elevated area in Provence, France which is world-renowned for its fields and having the largest flamingo population in Europe. It is this exclusive area that lends the name of this unique quality linen. This light and soft fabric for warmer weather, was used for Egyptian Pharaohs’ bedsheets due to its high resistance to tearing. Ideal for warm nights, Camargue offers the highest quality and exclusivity for this type of product.

Special GYZA 45 Egyptian Cotton: Grown and harvested with protected designation of origin

Special GYZA 45 Egyptian Cotton can only be grown and harvested under specific favourable conditions. It is made from the best 100% Egyptian cotton currently available, the best quality for producing the finest and softest cotton thread in the world from which we get the most from percale or satin. It has an unparalleled feel, both soft and light. The pinnacle of cotton.

Supreme Cashmere Blanket Excellence at home

The queen of winter blankets, with its great softness and elegance. A 100% first-rate quality Cashmere blanket, large but light-weight. Its beauty has given prestige to European family homes at the highest level for generations, it is said that a soft and pleasing feel has a rejuvenating effect which reduces stress. It improves sleep meaning you awaken full of energy. A product to last a lifetime.

Eiderdown Duvet: The best insulation

Eiderdown is the ideal for cold winter nights as it uses feathers from ducks which live in the cold temperatures of Northern Europe and Iceland. The females lay their eggs in nests and protect them from the cold by pulling their own feathers from their breasts. The females only abandon the nests once the ducklings have been born, farmers then gather their feathers. An elastic fibre which is both naturally warm and light meaning it is the best stuffing for a product which provides a great night’s sleep. A unique and exclusive duvet.

Camel Hair Blanket: The ever-popular classic

For those looking for a fabric which is silky to the touch and has a fluffy texture, this blanket is made from 100% camel hair. This blanket is a classic which should belong in every house.

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